Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Patience, originally uploaded by BornJavanese.

Every morning after parking my bike in the parking area I always see many ball-sized fruits spreading on my way to the office. I do not know what kind of fruit they are. Some lay on the hot-mixed road. Oooh... how poor they are! Many of them are smashed, run over by wheels. Some lay on the ground on the sideway. How lucky they must be, as they lay on the right place to grow. Though it is just for a while before being swept away by the gardener, they have beautiful moment to build their hope for new living. At least, they have moment posing before my lens! Hahaha...

One of the lucky fruits caught my eyes. It laid neatly. I got it captured. See the picture above!

In a natural condition, I'm sure that the fruit just needs times to grow well, as it lays on the fertile soil. It has potentiallity already to be a big tree. "Just be patient!" it says to me. [skd]

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grow in a wrong place

Sprout 2
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When you see this picture, does it remind you of a certain words-of-God in The Bible? It is about seeds and soils as metaphors of Words of God and the listeners.

I toke this picture in front of my office a couple of days ago. The sprout was growing next to the rolling-door. I didn't know what sprout of it was. It doesn't exist anymore. Yes, it became dry and died few days after the shot. Of course, for such of seed it grew in a wrong place.

Wrong places make ones unhappy! [skd]

Monday, July 14, 2008

The droplet time

The droplet time
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Rain had just stopped falling when I enjoyed that evening. It seemed to be the last rain to close the past season. Recently the air is getting hotter and rainy day is very seldom already. The summer season had just begun. Therefore, the last rain might be like a farewell to the rains. Nevertheless, it made the air and surroundings quite fresh sweeping the dusts away from every leaf and surface. The dusty turned into the clear. That was so exciting.

Among the evening scenery, something little caught my eyes. It was a droplet! Yeah, not all the rainwater reached the ground successfully. Some left on leaves showed like pearly earrings swinging about to fall. They looked like dews in the morning. What a beautiful!

I played with them by shocking the leaf gently. Some droplets on the critical points really dropped into the ground, some were just swinging and still on the same place. There was a droplet, which was really catching my eyes. This one was bigger than another was. I thought it was just by one more gently shock – by me or by wind - and it would drop too. However, I did not do that. Wondering about the time it would drop, something occurred in my mind: a thought about life’s time!

Life is as fragile as the droplet! One shocking movement is enough to make it critical: drop-off or still hang-on! That is the moment of life! Of course human’s life is not just like a swinging droplet as he/she has power to survive more than any other creature. Time is not something from outside, which make barriers for his/her space. Time is what every human can create with his/her life to go. What about replacing the word "life" with "love"? That will be so human time!

Be blessed! [skd]

Monday, July 07, 2008

Close-up your view!

Ants - Into the deep

Recently I have been craving for photography! That's so wonderful world that I have to figure out what I've done. Yeah... My eyes become opened more widely after knowing that there are so many beauties shown by the mother nature! I even am being captured by nature rather than I capture things before my eyes with my camera!

Look around you! Perhaps you do not realize that spectacular shows have been just going on. But when you take a close-up angle onto things before you, you'll find out something spectacular! Natural entertainments will catch your eyes and attention. From one scenery to another will just lead you into an amazing world you've never realized before! At least that's what I experience until this post.

Euphorbia - Blossom of The Second Layer Waterdrop

Flowers, plants, insects, clouds, droplets, leaves, people, stones, landscapes, etc., all will show the unlimitted beauties of nature. Look at these pictures! I'm not an expert in photography, but I try to pick the moments, compositions, colors into my interpretations about beauty of them. You know? When a picture done, I feel contented, and then there is such an invitation to the next shows and explorations.

What I can say about this world before my lens is, "Oh my God, you are so beautiful!" And I got a wisdom from this restarted hobby: Close-up your view, and you'll understand deeper! [skd]

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