Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You are the most!


Being well-designed from the beginning...
You are THE MOST!

On the previous post, I shared my reflection on a separated fly. Such disgusting insects usually stay in dirty and vile places. Some days ago, I got a picture of another fly, which perched on a leaf in my veranda. Still inspired by the reflection, I write an insight as shown on the picture.

Flies may be insignificant creatures as they are supposed to be animal that brings many of epidemics. A question may occur in our mind, “Why do they exist? Why does God create such of dangerous animals? Etc…” We may ask this question for being the most superior amongst all creatures.

Instead of being more arrogant, why do not we think of our responsibility as human? Being human must be more responsible, mustn’t we? If flies have been well design by the nature from the beginning, moreover we human are! It is our responsibility to be thankful more significantly! [skd]

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