Monday, November 24, 2008

Get closer!

Serangga bertanduk - Weird insect, originally uploaded by BornJavanese
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Get closer! and you will find more than when you stay away.

Human eyes are not only these two at your lovely face, but also those in your heart. That's why human being can understand more deeply about things than any other creatures. The more you get information, the more you get comprehensive understanding through which you will construct priorities and attitudes and so your responsibilities upon your life, particularly and generally. Even particular experiences on the spot can drive awareness of responsibilities in wider aspects.

For instant, I did not realize that in bushes there is a community of micro-living. When I got closer with my camera, I could see bugs in there. The picture above shows a little bug that I never saw before, a weird one of little fellows. I became so curious, and it was surprisingly incredible that the visitation sparked many thoughts of significant roles of the micro-living dwelling in such area for the whole universe.

Usually bushes are neglected area; even more everybody thought they are so insignificant that they could have it cut-off without any consideration. People do not think too much of where the little fellows will go for their living after the cleaning-up. They do not care about what will happen if some of the bugs are getting perish or do not exist any longer. "There will be some other places for them," they think so, while other people do think the same.

There are still gardens. Yes, I hope so! I am even dreaming of having a square of garden. I have only pots of plants in my veranda. Lucky me, I still can see some kinds of bugs living in there...

Red Bug

Really, I do not know the exact roles played by the bugs. However I am really aware that they have in a certain dimension of human living, furthermore in whole nature. At least, spiritually and religiously, I convince that they have their role in God's sustaining creative work!

That's why they are absolutely significant! So, are we responsible for their existence? [skd]

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