Friday, June 22, 2007

What a stink!

A Paradoxical Consideration of Bad Experiences

I was working in my garden when I got in need for some fertilizer to make my plants grow well. I like using organic fertilizers, e.g.: compost and dungs. I had none of it now. I went to my friend’s house where I knew there was much of dung of his goats. When I got there, I found the stable cleaned. He had threw the dung away to a certain place in his garden. I looked for it, and found it swarmed over by some flies. What a stink! I had to inhale such a smell hardly unless I got nothing. Of course I didn’t take the wet and fresh putrifying dung. It’s too hot for my plants, and capable enough to make them withered in hours. I had to set it aside to get the completely decayed dung. It looked like humus. Then I had a plastic bag of it. Done! I got away from that damned stinky place to inhale fresh air soon. Easy relieves…! And I went home to have my plants manured.

I know, and so do people, that waste things always generate smells. They make air polution by it. No one like them! I’m sure you know which one has the stinkiest smell! I’ll tell you as far as I can memorize the smells:

Human feces seems to be the number one! Agree? (LOL!)
Number two goes to animal dungs! (chickens, goats, cows, etc.)
Number three goes to decomposing rubbish..

Ironically, as far as I know, the most stinkiest waste things is the best manure for plants! Probably it’s because of the rich minerals in it. Manure from human feces is the most expensive to buy, prove it! (Lol!) And one more thing you’d agree is that organic fertilizer is better than chemical one. We have to thank to bacterias that do such a great function to decompose the waste things and change them to be useful nutrient for plants. The organic fertilizers make soil pretty good for anyplant, while chemicals make it tough.


I found something disturbing in my mind. It’s a paradox! Life’s cycle seems need this paradox to keep running:

  • What if there is no bacterias on this earth? What if there is no worms and maggots? Who would be the hero?
  • What if there is no decomposition process?
  • What if there is no transformations?
  • What kind of living is imagined to be?

Life is passing by with many kind of residual experiences. Some of them are painful to memorize. If we do not “decompose” them, they can be poisons instead of fertilizers for our going life. The can be corrupting fiercely. Like the dungs have to be in a proper place to decompose, so would be that of dark sides of our experiences. If stinky smell’s generated temporarily, let it happen. Everything needs time to go. But let it be something meaningful. That would be a sign of transformation. Be with paradoxical thinking upon them to experience the spot of decomposition! It would be the spot of salvation where all blessings are! Dungs are blessings for plants, so be it the dark sides of our life for us! Such a thinking would bear reversions by which we will consider our life in a new way.

Such a thinking has borne millions of odes, poetries, lyrics, songs, verses and wisdoms. They are powerful words we human can get towards a true life. They build any of our convictions, and above all our faith to God the Merciful One!

“Verily, verily, I say unto you: Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”Joh 12,24 ***

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