Friday, September 12, 2008

Do you see a fish up there?

Do you see a fish up there?
Do you see a fish up there?, originally uploaded by BornJavanese.

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Look up there on to the sky! You will find different configurations of clouds from time to time. Every single configuration is unique, sometimes so entertaining and amazing. When you see it, it would be a gift for you! It will not happen twice, will it?

I got the picture above on my way home from a suburb of metropolitan. I just stopped for a while as seeing beautiful scenery in front of my eyes: the sun was hiding behind a clump of cloud, giving a fantastic silhouette of a fish-alike. It seemed that nature was entertaining me with that kind of cloud's configuration. I thought that was just me enjoying the show. It might be a lucky, but to me it's more than just a good luck. Spiritually it could be a sign: a call for intimacy with nature to get closer to the Creator of all things....

Glory be to God, for giving me life in your providence, for keeping Thy eyes upon my ways... [skd]

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Time to change

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Intentionally I made this card to greet the Muslim people during a month-long of fasting in this Ramadan 1429 H. However the picture of a cocoon above can be an analogical sign for everyone dealing with everyone's own life in progress to be mature. There is a period in a life time, which has to be nothing but introspection. Internal actions should be done to drive spiritual powers for the next stage of life, a new life of a human being in the universe.

Look at the chrysalis! It's just counting down to metamorphosis, said Gerry Ryder the photographer of the beautiful picture. Of course it is man's point of view, but it is more than just so for the creature. Something happens inside. It is a self-construction to be a beautiful butterfly from a disgusting and horrible caterpillar. There is a process of metamorphosis, a naturally perfect metamorphosis. What's next? A beautiful butterfly will do a new life with a new mission in this universe. As a butterfly, it will be no longer a destructive creature: it will be a pollination agent for all flowers; it will be an agent of recreation. What a great butterfly it will be! However... it will be so after this critical period of being a fragile chrysalis in its silence...

Happy Fasting, brothers and sisters! [skd]

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