Friday, October 31, 2008

Dancing ant

Tarian semut, originally uploaded by BornJavanese.
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Look at this ant! It's dancing! Even an ant is capable of dancing as charming as it can. I really do not know how it usually expresses its feelings as well as I do not know whether ants understand about beauty or not. However, what I know is that it was dancing and making me surprised and entertained when I got it shot. It's beautiful; more or less it showed a kind of beauty.

What about you, Guys? Even this ant is dancing! Don't say that you are not capable of doing so to express your soul in beauty. Human being is more precious than ants. We are intellectual and religious being with enhancing talents and potentialities of creativities. Human dance must be more creative and so more beautiful than the dance of all ants. Not only to express the soul in beauty, dancing is wonderful way to communicate our integrity of being beautiful humankind, even without words. Love, happiness, sorrows, passions… faith, hopes and dreams… tough and struggling… and all aspects of our life has style of movement, that can be articulated in a set of artistic and harmonic movements: DANCING!

Have a wonderful day, and don't miss to make a pure dance, pure human dance, for today! It can be a help to be happy. Be blessed! [skd]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flies - Morning Talk

Flies - Morning Talk, originally uploaded by BornJavanese.

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"Hi, Guy! Good morning!"

"Hey...Good morning! It's a wonderful day, isn't it?"

"Thanks be to God... We have another new day, a blessing day for us. So, what's your plan for today?"

"Nothing special but simply essential."

"Oh yeaaa?!"

"Meet friends... going around to find something to keep living... changing decaying materials into useful substances for our Mother Nature... dancing and singing! That's the way we always celebrate the day, you know."

"We do... OK, then. Be blessed my friend! All the best!"

"You, too!" [skd]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fishing morning

Fishing morning - COLLAGE, originally uploaded by BornJavanese.

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For some people morning is wonderful time to enjoy new day. Sunrise, fresh air, dews are things we love not to skip at every beautiful daybreak. They are like the most roles of beautiful shows in the morning.

However, morning time has more than just entertaining moment. It is moment to start activities of all mankind, even of all living things. See the pictures above! An old fisherman is ready to throw his net into the water. The collages would like to show how he does his fishing in that morning. He does it every morning.

When I see the picture more deeply, some insight comes into my mind, that morning time has to be beautiful moment of celebration: celebration of life in hope and readiness to face all things new! [skd]

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