Monday, April 23, 2007

Messages from The Sky

Look at the horizon when the dawn’s breaking, or when the twilight’s coming. Have you ever seen the unique configuration of the clouds with the sunlight flashing through from behind? Sometimes it looks like a flock of lambs trooping out of the stable. Sometimes it paints a blazing fire. Sometimes it makes a figure of a certain face.

If you’ve watched “The Agony and The Ecstasy” movie, you could remind this: inspired by the silhouete of the clouds viewed from the top of mountain, Michael Angelo made a wonderful fresco on the ceiling of Chapel Sistine. It became a masterpiece of the maestro, telling us about the history of creation in the Book of Genesis.

The brushing golden-red sleazy clouds in the sky may create a beautiful scenes that everyone’s never seen before, and after.’s just once for all the time. We'll not see the same configuration again in some other time or opportunities. But when someone doesn’t miss it, and keeps it in his/her mind, or even contemplates on it, he/she cannot resist the spirit behind to express every single messages of the configurations.

The imagination doesn’t stop. Lucky are we as we are living in the era of imaging, so that we can capture the unique moments of the dawns or twilights into many beautiful pictures. Everyone else can enjoy them without seeing the sceneries with their own eyes. Yet, they can still get the messages from the beauty ones.

So, happy and blessed are those who can get the messages from the sky, like Michael Angelo. Through his artistic fresco Michael Angelo has brought to us the message: the divinity of the sky by which God tells us about the creation of the nature in its dignity.

Every single moments under the sky is worthy and meaningful, some even contains messages from the divine. Michael Angelo had his fresco. What do you have to record the message?

Maybe you have it in photos, paintings, poetry, or writings in your diary book. Some of them could be deeply enjoyable for others, some could be only for your own. But why don't you tell such the message to everybody? Sky is granted to every creature, so the messages from beyond should be told to everyone for the goodness of all creatures, for the glory of The Creator.

Anything you do with the messages from the sky, I think, would be memorable part of your simple growing faith... love... hope ...and freedom. As simple as it would be, it would be meaningful for the history of messages.

So, don’t miss the moments! ***

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Glorious Shoot" - Poetry

How could I say about you
Little stuff in the morning dew
Laying on the ground
Dying near the pond

Ooh dear...
Permiate your water, you said,
to let my body wet

Poor little seed...
be joyful for the lit
shining upon you
flashing from the blue

It's time to grow
You're not lonely
The wind softly blow
Cheering you up lovely

Don't you realize:
Your death is a grace
for a new living
for what we're waiting?

Be a glorious shoot...
Cheer up your little leaves!
Look at us around you!
Lively garden welcome you!

*** Happy Easter 2007 ***

"Verily, verily, I say unto you: Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." - John 12,24

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A separated bluebottle (fly)

Separated bluebottle (fly)It's a bluebottle (fly), showing its beauty than its disgust.
I pictured it in Kaliurang, Jogjakarta, Indonesia on January 10th, 2007.

When I was in a park at Merapi View Guardhouse on January 10th, 2007, I was very much attracted by a bluebottle settling down on a leaf of a beautiful plant. There is an opinion that bluebottle is a disgusting animal as well as commonly we suspect flies. They accustom to swarm over stinky carrion, or organic things that’s going to putrefy. That's why they are accused to be responsible of the spreading of bad microbas. Seeing them we may feel loathing. Extreemly different was this bluebottle! What I saw was a beautiful one! Do you see the picture above? I think you agree it won’t make us feel loathing. Does a question why raise in your mind?

I asked my friend to comment on this. He said, the bluebottle looks so beautiful because of the circumstances. It was in a beautiful place, so it does seem like. Thus, its beauty came from outside.

It makes sense I think. But, what about the bluebottle itself? Has it no beauty at all? I’m afraid my friend just had a kind of negative opinion doe to the common opinion about this creature.

I did’t know actually what happened to this bluebottle. Why didn’t it fly away when I got very close to have it pictured? Was is sick? Was it sad? Was it dying? What was it doing? I didn’t know... What I knew was it was alone, separated from the others. And it’d chosen the right place, I thought. The leafs and little fruities arround just gave it impression on its inner-beauty. It has taken for granted that God created such creature. It has no wrong being a bluebottle, beautiful one.

Separation enables us to consider our objective existence. Supported by the right circumstances, we could find our own beauty before the Creator.

“... and God saw that it was good.” - (Gen 1,20-25) ***

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