Sunday, November 25, 2007

Animals are also our "brothers" and "sisters"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

They know where they have to go

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Have you ever seen birds flying in a flock in the sky? Did you ask yourself, "Where are they coming from, and where are they going?" In a certain season they look so coming out into our area. They land on the farm fields or lakes. And when the seasong is ended, they are gone to another places far away they know. They will come back again in the next same season after their long journey. Maybe they have stories from another sides of this planet earth.
Walt Disney could make films about them. Of course they have stories about their journey: how to get food for the colony, how to survive from enemies' attacks, how to find a right place to land and make their nests, how to teach their new generations to fly, etc. And above all: how to know the seasons!
Mother nature gives them everything to survive. I just imagine how they have "faith" about this! And look, lakes become lively with their chatter. The sky becomes so beauty not only with its blue, clouds, sunshine, but also with their flights. It's so beautiful when they are dancing in a formation in the sky, isn't it? We can see the mother nature provides an entertaining performance presented by the birds and their fellows in a proper season.
What do they do? I just think about a celebration of being creature and part of the harmony! ***

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