Friday, May 23, 2008

Resonating nature

Resonating Nature - Cheerful

When I see a grasp of beautiful flowers, still on their tree, I feel something. If they were human being, they would tell a story. It is a story of being creature, blessed creature. What is appearing on my eyes is nothing but beauty. Furthermore, there is a show of expression. They just express a smile and cheerfulness. An author will say that they are welcoming everyone. They are entertaining. Even in a wake, fresh buckets of condolence flowers will present such an entertainment. The effects are cool.

Beautiful flowers upon our eyes are sending messages of invitation. It is an invitation into a smiley world of nature. I am just thinking that by nature flowers are to be smiley, cheerful, cool, entertaining, and nothing gloomy. Life is a big deal, big enough to us so that we should not miss the celebration of it. Moreover, celebration must be like feast! It is full of joy!

Lovely flowers - resonating nature - are inviting us to join in the celebration! [skd]

Monday, May 05, 2008

Morning Dew

Once I missed of morning dews. Maybe that’s because the wet-season was so long. There was no mist when the dawn’s falling. It was, maybe. But the drizzling always wiped them out before they sprinkled over the ground.

I don’t remember the last time I was occupied with morning dews. It’s just a memory of the gentle sensations at my feet when stepping on the lawn sowed with dews along my path. Immediately my legs got wet by those clear and pearly little-dots. Some dry grasses clang to them. It's creepy. When I turned my head I saw images of my own footsteps left behind. They looked dark-green amongst the silvery sheen. When passing through a clump of bushes, I saw cute earrings alike swinging at the end of their leaves. There was a scenery of a world across inside wrapped so beautifully. It’s reversed, but showing an amazing contrast.

Again and again, morning dew is romantic when boredom of wet season comes up. That’s a romance of nature showing their beauty in time. The beauty will be remembered attaching memories of mornings. Shiny dews reflecting lights are the accent of morning shots. Their gentleness store millions of stories and songs of hopes in the beginning of days. That’s the episode of nature which gently welcomes the wriggle of every creature to walk on their stepping history.

Enjoy the morning before the dew’s gone! Learn from them how to bridge the stars-and-moon world to the lively world of sunlight. Doesn’t it come with a rug of carpet at dawn to welcome every creature into a celebration of a new and refreshing day? Every morning presents a new re-creation day, doesn’t it? Learn from them about gentleness and tenderness, as they come down without force but gently cuddling over every surface. Learn from the dews about honesty, as they come to every living: inviting dusts to lay-down on the ground, refreshing the earth with coolness, beautifying every face of leaves which will meet the sun in a while, permeating every niche until the deep-down roots; and the rest will fly away in union with the winds while the sun is shining to lead the universe.

Dear morning-jewels, let me welcome you tomorrow dew. [skd]

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