Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning call: Singing Birds!

Singing birds may become a morning call. That’s so inspiring, especially to me. I think of joy and pure bliss as a human being. Differences between birds and humankind do not impact my gratitude every morning. I focus on the joyness and cheers of the birds tweeting out there. I just feel the spirit of a lively morning. There is invitation to me to join with them to sing my own song, welcoming and celebrating a new life. That is the granted life which absolutely becomes my responsibility. That is the song of love as I have been loved with the first breath I can take when I wake up from a deep sleep.

The birds “know” how to be grateful, and practise it every morning after the cockcrows. What happens then is that their singing raises the inner power of my being and resonate all strings of possitive mind.

The birds are singing, and I’m smiling. Do you know what? When I open the door for the first fresh air I can breath, my soul is filled with natural joy and invitation to a better life. Then I don’t want to miss the spirit of every morning as I know there are many blessings I can get when I take a walk for a while in the garden under the first sunlight flashing through upon my face. Then I so believe, today will be better than yesterday.

Thank God for the singing birds! They are representing the hugs of the universe you’ve created with your love. Be blessed, everyone! ***

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